Improving the drip irrigation system for crops in foothill areas of Kazakhstan with minor elevation difference

Kozykeva, Aliya Tobazhanovna and Zhatkanbaeva, Ainur Orynbasarovna (2018) Improving the drip irrigation system for crops in foothill areas of Kazakhstan with minor elevation difference. Research on Crops journal Vol. 19 , No. 2 (June), 2018.-р.132-143, 12 (№2). pp. 132-143.


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ABSTRACT The methods of our research were based on the usage of equations, characterizing the dynamics of warm- and moisture exchange in the system of “soil–plant”. For determination of total water consumption, we used the biological and microclimatic coefficients, levelling the quantitative differences between actual water consumption optimally irrigated crop and evaporation. Based upon systematization of the materials on the study of agricultural crops in different agroclimatic zones of Kazakhstan, the model of biological coefficients of agricultural crops for creation of information, methodological and software provision of regulation of water demanded of the agricultural lands was created. Presently, the usage of biological curves of water consumption regulation of the agricultural crops was the most substantiated and universal method, which was widely used at melioration of the agricultural crops in Kazakhstan. Thus, the construction of the biological coefficients model of the agricultural crops, taking into account the biological peculiarities of the plants and tied to the amount of accrued temperatures over 10°C from the moment of hay-harvest with interval 200°C, that allows creating the informational, methodological and software provision for water consumption provision of the agricultural lands in Kazakhstan. Key words : Agricultural crops, agroclimatic zones, equation, evaporability, irrigation regime, water supply

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Agriculture and forestry
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