Current State of Kazakhstan Thoroughbred Horsebreeding

Tynyshbaj, N.T. and Iskhan, K.Z. and Makhatov, B.M. Current State of Kazakhstan Thoroughbred Horsebreeding. BIOSCIENCES BIOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH ASIA. ISSN 1357-1362

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In thoroughbred horsebreeding upbringing and creating horse-breeding centers in number of 30-50 heads a breeding mare in nature Kazakhstan, there is an opportunity, to grow up domestic high quality quick young growth of thoroughbred breeds of horses which could speak at the international races, including European countries. The grownup domestic young growth of thoroughbred breeds will not concede in anything to Kazakhstan horses, grown up in England and Ireland whereas to these countries go to buy horses people from around the world. For example, thousands of successful, highranking and rich people enjoy competitions of thoroughbred roadster breeds of horses participate in developed countries of Europe only in races. For some days tens of millions of foreign currency come to the organizing country. In France and the United Arab Emirates from roadster breed races fourth part of the state budget income comes. For example, annually FRANS GALOP jockey club receives 9 billion euro. Apparently, in developed countries of Europe, smooth races turned into an elite type of equestrian sport, as well as highly profitable business. On cash cycle the horse-racing industry is a comparable production,as well as a pollution-free one. For example, prize fund of World Cup on smooth races which took place on March 26, 2012 in the city of Dubai exceeded 26 million dollars, and in 2014 – 28 million dollars. Key words:Quick, races, breeding and selection, exit of foals, manufacturing stallions, breeding mare, import, export, market.

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