New hypothesis of energy of crushing

Ospanov, A. and Timurbekova, A. (2019) New hypothesis of energy of crushing. Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design (№ 27). pp. 87-89.

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Now the quantitative theory of crushing isn’t developed yet. This can be explained not only by small interest or the insufficient number of the conducted researches, but also with a complexity of process of crushing. We consider the problem as the relationship between the energy consumption and particle size in processes of crushing and grinding. We show that experiments are in the agreement with the theoretical estimation of the energy consumption in processes of crushing and grinding. It is well known that in a processes of crushing and grinding, a working parts of a machine are acting against the molecular interaction forces in the particles, which results in appearance of new surfaces, whose area depends on the strength of the environment, type of the mechanical impact, and the way it is applied. The known theories by many authors usually just try to describe the nature of the process. They do not take into account all the variety of the phenomena taking place in the material, and, hence, cannot be used for precise calculation of the parameters of a particular process. Therefore decrease in power consumption on process, especially in the field of thin and super thin crushing, is the major scientific and technical problem. Decrease in power consumption at a simultaneous intensification of process can be reached only on condition of a rational ratio between technological parameters of process of crushing and design data of the grinder. The made observations have allowed Professor Abdymanap Ospanov to offer some correction of the Rittinger and Kik laws. The above consideration suggests a correction to Rittinger's and Kick's are based on the assumption that the crushing unit energy consumption depend only on the linear sizes of the original particles and the product. It is necessary to establish that on the sizes of parameters, it is possible to pick up values and, at that specific energy arrives at a minimum. Possibility of development of recommendation of the most rational (effective) use of grinding machines of certain having a special purpose construction appears thus, since the design feature of the grinding technology depends primarily on the nature of the material being crushed and the degree of its grinding.

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