To The Issue of Meat Safety in Kazakhstan

Iskakova, Zh. and Serikbayeva, A. and Orynkhanov, K.A. To The Issue of Meat Safety in Kazakhstan. BIOSCIENCES BIOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH ASIA, Vol. 1 (p. 175).

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Kazakhstan has become the only former Soviet republic which has developed national halal products standard, in 2006 Kazakhstan received the international certificate proving high quality of these products and headed the list (having received the Grand Prix of the international exhibition of products produced in accordance with the Sharia Islamic Law)1. Considering the mentality of our eastern country, and tendency to maintain stable relations with the foreign Islamic countries, introduction of this quality standard opens new page in struggle for quality. Halal products have a variety of advantages compared with the products produced using traditional technologies and their taste is superior to non-halal products, that is explained by the following features: the grace is said, then carotid artery is slashed that provides complete removal of blood from carcass. Due to this the meat has sophisticated flavor, animals used for production of halal meat are bred on environmentally safe feed, and any hormonal additives are excluded. Influencing of cortisol and adrenalin hormones to the meat quality was studied by several scientists2, also impact of pre slaughter stressors on ruminant carcass and meat quality was studies by D.M. Ferguson and R.D. Warner3.

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